Permanent flexible magnetic extrusion(also called bonded ferrite magnets) are made by mixing ferrite powder with synthetic rubber or plastic (CPE or NBR).This product is lead free usin strontium ferrit(Sr0.6Fe203).This type of magnet has the best flexibility characteristics of any permanent magnetic material.It can be easily folded and twisted without damaging the magnetic property of the magnet.It also has excellent machinability and can be easily drilled, punched,scissor cut,knife cut and die cut.


  • Plasto Ferrite Magnetic Strips (Flexible)
  • Bipolar
  • Multipolar
  • Customizable on size,Dimensions &
    Magnetic Properties.
  • Magnet Features
  • Anisotropic Magnet
  • Isotropic Magnet
  • Magnetic sheets are manufactured with
    0.50mm thickness onwards.
  • Annual Magnetic strip manufacturing
    capacity 18 million mtrs